Orion Express Aviation stands for Total Aviation Solution Partner offering variety of aviation services on
world-wide requirements.
We are delivering the superior business understanding for the ultimate efficiency with our experienced
team of aviation specialists.
Our aviation services are diversified under three main categories; Aircraft Services, Airline Services and
Aviation Support Services.

Aircraft Services;

  • Aircraft Sale, Lease, Purchase and Acquisitions
  • Aircraft Evaluation
  • Lease, Lease/Purchase and Straight Purchase Contracts
  • Airline and Aircraft Certification Process
  • Aircraft Comparison, Cost and Route Studies
  • Aircraft Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Aircraft Operating
  • Aircraft Certification and Registration

Airline Services;

  • Airline Establishment, Start-up and Expansion
  • Airline Management
  • Airline Certification - AOC
  • Crew, Technical and Operational Staff Support
  • Training Programs and Facilities
  • Feasibility Studies for Airline and Aviation projects
  • Financial Analysis
  • Business Development and Market Research
  • Project Management
  • Legal Consulting
  • Aviation Software and Data Base
  • Handling, Landing, Catering and Aviation Jet Fuel Contracts
  • Training Arrangements

Aviation Support Services;

  • Supervision
  • Flight Watch - 24 Hour on Duty
  • Flight Planning and Dispatch
  • Landing and Overflight Permits
  • Airport Slots
  • Operation Coordination
  • Handling
  • Airport Landing
  • Catering
  • Aviation Jet Fuel Supply