Orion Express Airline & Aviation, OREX Maintenance, is offering our long-term experience in aviation industry attechnical maintenance process.

We are supporting our partners with our professional team and the most current data for the best possible solutions available.

OrionMaintenance stands for Safety First.

We have solutions for;

  • Maintenance and Heavy Check Arrangements
  • Technical Maintenance Services and Support
  • Technical and Maintenance Procedures
  • Technical Training Arrangements
  • Engineering, Planning and Control
  • Aircraft Technical Evaluations
  • Airframe Checks
  • Engine Evaluation and Baroscopic Inspections
  • Airframe and Engine Inspections
  • Technical Records Inspections
  • Spare Parts Supply
  • Engine Supply
  • Landing Gear Overhaul
  • Engine Overhaul Arrangements
  • Spare Parts, Engine, Landing Gear Logistics