About Us

Orion Express Airlines OREX is in the aviation industry for two decades with successful background and experienced aviation professionals. Our experienceat flight and ground operation, quality and technical ensures international flight safety standards complying on-time operations with high dispatch reliability.

Our core services are diversified in a wide range in aviation industry at Airline, Air Cargo, Business Jet, Aviation and Maintenance Services.

We are offering our core dynamics as an aviation solution provider for air transportation on worldwide basis efficiently and adopting ourselves to market demands and tailor made solutions.

Our Services Includes;

  • Airline and Aircraft operations
  • Cargo Operations on Charter and Scheduled Basis
  • Passenger Flights on Charter basis including Hajj, Umrah and touristic operations
  • ACMI Wet-lease cargo and passenger aircraft operations
  • Business and Corporate Jet Operations with VIP services
  • Aircraft Evaluation and Lease/Purchases
  • Aircraft Certification and Registration
  • Aircraft re-configurations from Passenger – to – VIP Jets for B737’s
  • Aviation Support, Flight Watch and Supervision
  • Maintenance support
  • Training programs
  • Support Services for airline projects and aircraft requirements
  • Airline Feasibility, Route analysis and project managements.


Our Motto, Mission & Vision

Our motto is introducing the flexibility for customer requirements, efficient and reliable services.     

Our mission is to expand our airline and aviation services with dedication to our customers; complying ‘safety first’ with exceptional service, integrity and on schedule reliability. 

Our vision is to create most preferred, customer oriented, efficient and reliable aircraft operating services and aviation solutions.



  • Establishment of Orex Air Cargo in 2003 with two Airbus A300B4 F Cargo aircrafts with 45 ton payload capacity to operate world-wide charter flights
  • Later in 2003 first scheduled charter flights between Shanghai, China and Brussels, our European Cargo Hub, creating a cargo delivery and collecting network
  • In 2004 first long-term ACMI Wet-Lease cooperation with China Eastern Airlines, one of the Chinese Flag Carrier, establishing strong relations in Chinese and Hong Kong aviation industry.
  • In 2008 expanding our cargo fleet with B747-200F’s with 105 ton payload capacity on long-range routes connecting Far East –Africa – Europe – CIS and Asia.
  • Establishment of Orion Express Airline &Aviation in 2011 for aviation flight and ground support, flight watch, dispatch, training and maintenance services.
  • In 2012 launch of Passenger charter operations and start of Business Jet services
  • In 2014 introduce of Corporate Jet services and reconfiguration of first B737-500 aircraft from passenger – to – VIP configuration    


Our History;

Our establishment is in 2003 as an All-Cargo Airline, with two Airbus A300B4 F Cargo Aircrafts with 45 tons payload capacity to operate scheduled and charter flights on world-wide routes. 

Beside charter operations our first scheduled operations introduced later in 2003 between ShanghaiPudong (China) and our European Cargo hub at Brussels (Belgium) connecting via Dacca (Bangladesh), Sharjah/Dubai (UAE), Istanbul (Turkey), Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) and Almaty (Kazakhstan). Our services are supported with regular and dedicated road feeder services covering Europe and also interline agreements for the rest of the world with other carriers for a wide coverage of cargo services distributing and collecting cargoes all around the world.   

In 2004 our long-term ACMI Wet-Lease co-operation in mainland China with China Eastern Airlines, one of Chinese Flag Carrier, to operate intra China and Hong Kong routes is a milestone for our operations in China and Hong Kong for both international and domestic routes and strengthen our connections in Far East market. We have co-operated with various airlines on ACMI Wet-lease operations including some Flag carries since then.

We have expand our cargo fleet in 2008 with the addition of two Boeing 747-200F Jumbo Jets with 105 ton payload capacity to serve with higher capacity on our major cargo trunk routes on long range routes with scheduled flights from Hong Kong to African Destinations via Middle East, Europe and CIS countries connecting various destinations including Dubai, Sharjah, Nairobi, Lagos, Amsterdam, Tallinn, Istanbul, Tbilisi, Bishkek and Almaty.

In 2011 we have established Orion Express Airline & Aviation offering Aviation services with flight support, ground and flight planning services, supervision, handling, landing, overflight permits providing maintenance and training support as a total aviation solution partner for our customers.

With the establishment of Orion Express Airline & Aviation we have launched our Passenger services for charter flights for touristic operations and Hajj and Umrah flights. We are cooperating with tour operators, government entities and airlines offering various aircrafts including B737-300QC/400/500 series, A300-600, A340, B777 and B747-400 types.

In 2012 we have introduced our Business and Corporate Jet Services offering evaluation, purchase, operating and chartering light, medium and heavy Business Jets at various types including Challenger, Hawker, Citation and Gulfstream Jets.

Later in 2013 we have started to re-configuration of Passenger Aircrafts; Boeing 737-500 series; from Passenger – to – VIP and Corporate Jet aircrafts with refurbished executive interior configurations also offering evaluation, reconfiguration, world-wide flights operations, charter sales and lease/purchase options.

We are offering our long-term experience in aviation industry for Maintenance And Technical support as well as  Airline Projects, Aircraft evaluation, lease and purchases, airline analysis, route studies, Airline and Aviation Projects and investments.



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